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    Ok as you all know I am on Allopurinol 300 mg for last 5+ months  and doing well. Have been pain free for almost 2 months now after non stop continuous pain for last 1+ year.

    Anyway, my question is that my urine smells funny or shall I say different. Not sure what to label the smell but I would say it is a uric smell in nature. I drink a lot of water so is the smell due to the bad stuff that Allopurinol/my kidney is flushing out of my body? Just curious.

    Uric Acid Smell discussion

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    This old discussion about the smell of uric acid concluded that uric acid is odorless. Any apparent change of urine smell is probably due to changes in diet during gout treatment. Or other coincidental diet changes due to seasonality, etc.

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    Gout Smell
    What Does Gout Smell Like?

    According to JTBaker.com a leading manufacturer of laboratory chemicals, uric acid is odorless.



    Don?t worry about this. I too had EXACTLY what you?re referring to for months. While UA might be odorless I think its part of the cleaning process. It will eventually go away.

    My concern for you is, ?how in the world did you get your wife to smell your pee?!?:eek:


    I have had issues were my sweat smells of Ammonia right after work outs.  I discovered that if the body burns Amino Acids for energy this will happen.  Basically I was needed to eat a light snack of complex carbs before my workout.  I wonder if that could have an impact on the smell of urine.


    Perosnally, I dont think it has anything to do with amino acids, eating vegetables or more concentrated urine.

    I’ve weight trained heavily for 20 years, eaten vegetables religously, and stay very hydrated. The smell you are referring to is something that I only noticed after starting AP. It went away after a while and I dont really notice it anymore. I guess its just one of the bodys mysteries. I’ve also seen other people comment about this smell on other sites. It’s bizarre I know!


    Being diagnosed as pre-diabetic too, I took alpha-lipoic acid for while recently, it made my urine smell like I was eating asparagus too.
    Now I wonder if that Alpha-Lipoic aggravated my hyperuricemia?

    Like zip2play has convinced me, it's complicated. Wink


    Hello all,

    My first post…

    This smell sometimes meens you have Urinary Tract Infection or Prostate infection by an urea splitting bacteria such as proteus and many others. They just love ammonia.


    Do you have other symptoms such as burning sensation and?urgent?need to urinate only to see you have a small amount of urine?


    When it's in the prostate then the symptoms are much more subtale, they are coming and going from time to time and it's much harder to treat.


    So, if you have those other symptoms, I would recomend you go to the doctor.

    Let us know what it was…

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