Over the years, we have had several discussions about tomato juice and gout. Lately, I've come to realize that we need to consider different aspects of tomato juice. Depending on our stage of Gout Progression.

For example, at the first stage, when considering gout causes, questions such as "does tomato juice cause gout" are relevant. Later, when starting a uric acid cure, we might consider diet as part of gout treatment. In which case, questions like "does tomato juice lower uric acid?" are relevant. Then, we adjust the uric acid treatment package during gout progression stage 6. At which time, we might compare the properties of tomato juice with other red vegetables.

So to answer the question, "Is tomato juice good for gout", we need to be clear about the stage of gout that we are asking about. Therefore, I will:

  1. Reorganize existing tomato juice information on this website to reflect relevant gout progression stages.
  2. Summarize relevant research into the effects of tomato juice on uric acid and gout.
  3. Incorporate tomato juice into relevant gout management templates. Which gives you a framework to discuss your tomato juice consumption with your professional health advisers. Allowing you to make the recommended patient-physician shared decisions about your gout management plan.

For now, here is the original article from 2007. After which, I've added links to existing GoutPal tomato juice information.

Low Salt Tomato Juice and Gout

Fruit or vegetable juices are great for providing the hydration we need for gout and a good supply of alkalizing antioxidants.
As many gout sufferers also have high blood pressure, low salt tomato juice is a quick and easy snack food that ticks many 'good for gout' boxes.

Some fantastically tasty fruit and vegetable juice recipes are heading for my website as I write. But, sometimes, a simple tomato juice drink is all we want, as one of our fellow gout sufferers explained:

I love to have a glass of tomato juice at breakfast, but I’m having difficulty in finding tomato juice products that are low in sodium, maybe close to zero.
Hope you can help.

Oh, yes – I can help. In my fridge lies a lovely liter of delicious tomato juice. Containing a mere .4g salt (.2g sodium) per 150 ml. The recommended daily amount of salt is 6g, so this stuff certainly qualifies as low sodium.

Tomato Juice and Gout Information

As I mentioned above, I am reorganizing GoutPal tomato juice information into new articles that are relevant to different gout progression stages. In the meantime, please see:

Title Description
High Alkaline Gout Diet Foods Studies show that reducing dietary acid load can improve uric acid load. So gout sufferers should consider switching to alkalizing foods. Including tomato juice, with the 11th lowest dietary acid score.
Gout Friendly Vegetables Compare tomato juice with other vegetables. Especially if you are concerned how vitamin C, iron content, and dietary acid load affect your uric acid.
Gout Diet and Starting Allopurinol Kevin finds that tomato juice often triggers gout flares. But he doesn't say if that is due to uric acid falling or rising. Do you know if tomato juice raises or lowers your uric acid?
Tomato Juice, Quercetin & Uric Acid Quercetin can lower uric acid for some gout sufferers. So this table includes tomato juice as a source of quercetin. Although the amount is much lower than many other foods.
Tomato Juice, Luteolin, & Uric Acid Luteolin can lower uric acid for some gout sufferers. So this table includes tomato juice as a possible source of luteolin. Although the amount is much lower than many other foods. And it could be from whole tomatoes rather than their juice.
Tomato Juice, Lycopene, & Uric Acid This table includes tomato juice as a possible source of lycopene. Although this book is not gout related. However, it prompts us to investigate how colorful vegetables can lower uric acid. So lycopene is linked with lower uric acid in some food studies. Therefore, I will include lycopene in my gout research analysis.

Is Tomato Juice Good for Your Gout?

You have learned that tomato juice has complex relationships with gout. Because it can affect people differently at different stages of gout progression. So to answer, "is tomato juice good for gout" you should consider your experience with:

  • Tomato juice can increase or decrease the causes of gout for some gout sufferers.
  • Tomato juice has complicated influences on gout diet that require professional analysis of your tomato juice consumption and medical history.

So you should discuss your tomato juice consumption with your professional health advisers. Remember, to prepare for that discussion, you can:

Make notes about your tomato juice consumption on this page. Search GoutPal for more information about the effects of tomato juice on gout.

Leave Is Tomato Juice Good for Gout to read more about Tomatoes and Gout.


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