In the Uric Acid Levels section, I explain the numbers you need to know about your blood test results. Because understanding uric acid is key to managing gout. Yet most people, including most doctors, do not understand uric acid levels. So learn these facts then you can take control of your gout.

Uric Acid Levels Introduction

When uric acid levels rise too high, crystals form. Then you get gout. So uric acid levels form a vital part in gout diagnosis. Eventually, you get treatment and uric acid levels form a vital part of monitoring that treatment and making it successful. So to understand and control gout you have to track your blood test results and keep uric acid levels safe.

It should be simple.

What uric acid level is dangerous?

When uric acid levels are above 6 mg/dL you are at risk of gout. Then as your uric acid levels move higher, your risk of gout, and it’s severity, both increase.
When uric acid levels are below 5 mg/dL you are free from the risk of gout getting worse. However, you will need time to recover. But as your uric acid levels move lower, complete gout recovery gets nearer.

Unfortunately, this simple situation gets complicated in the real world. So I have developed charts, tables, and other explanations to help you understand uric acid levels.

Uric Acid Level Charts

Uric acid level charts make it easy to see important gout numbers. Because you need to understand urate numbers to diagnose and treat gouty arthritis properly. See why low, high, normal ranges are meaningless. Get the best uric acid level chart to really help you control gout now.

Uric Acid Level Ranges

Uric acid level ranges are the most important part of gout diagnosis and treatment. Yet everyone gets them wrong. Stop looking at meaningless high, low, or normal levels. You need to know dangerous and safe urate levels. Get the medical uric acid range list now.

Uric Acid Levels Resources

For the science behind uric acid levels, see Understanding Uric Acid Resources.

Vital Uric Acid Levels Conversion Chart
How safe is your uric acid number?

More help with Your Uric Acid Levels

You should now decide if you want some practical help with your uric acid levels, or if you want more uric acid facts.

I can help you understand your uric acid levels, and how to manage your personal uric acid targets. For personal help with your uric acid levels, please ask in the gout forum.

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