Using diet as a gout remedy gives you a great feeling of wellbeing – but only if it works!

Randomly suppressing some items and binging on others will never help your gout.

Gout Remedies
Alkalizing Diet
Cherries & Cherry Juice

Selecting natural products in the right way, and applying them to your diet with clear purpose, can be effective in relieving gout.

Before I start explaining the application of food as a gout treatment, I must explain that there is a related issue of gout diet. In this section, I focus on specific food items and their gout relieving properties. I keep this separate from the nutritional aspects of planning a proper gout diet, which is in the Gout Diet section.

If you are here because you want to treat gout without relying on drugs, then you should study the Gout Diet section first. Even if you are using gout medications, it is always a good idea to adopt a healthy diet. Once you are eating healthily, some food items in this section might help you if you are still struggling to manage gout without drugs. Substitute more of these gout-positive items for things that provide similar nutrients in your regular diet.

Natural Gout Remedies

These remedies have been shown to help gout either in scientific studies, or by a significant number of people claiming relief. Effects are usually much lower than from drugs, and much more variable. They might have no effect for you.

Any drastic changes to diet should always be discussed with your doctor. If you are taking any medications, you should check carefully that there are no interactions with food. You must continue to monitor uric acid however you chose to treat your gout.

Gout Remedy Page Description
Alkalizing Diet Gout Diet Menu This is quite separate from uric acid, though a properly managed alkalizing diet might slightly increase uric acid solubility, reducing the risk of kidney stones. This is a way of balancing nutrients to reduce the acid load on the kidneys. It has nothing to do with the pH of food, though pH testing of urine can show if it is working. Simply put, you take a portion of protein (e.g. 4 oz steak) and balance it with about twice as much fruit and veg. It is about balance, not avoidance.
Cherries & Cherry Juice Cherry Juice For Gout Cherry juice gout treatments are claimed to be highly effective. Is there any reason why they shouldn’t work? I am reorganizing the cherry juice for gout guidelines. You may be interested in earlier articles: Cherry Juice & Gout and Gout, Cherries And Cherry Juice
Hydration Water & Other Beverages As well as drinking water in various forms, we get fluids from many beverages, and also the food we eat. Though some beverage choices are better than others for gout sufferers, the most important thing is to get enough total fluid every day. Also, this should be spread fairly evenly to avoid any risk of dehydration.
Onion . Studies have shown that onion could be a good gout remedy. So read A Tasty Gout Remedy – Know Your OnionsAlso, type onion in the search box above to find the latest articles on onion.
Honey . Can health claims for honey help gout sufferers? Is it good or bad for uric acid control? See the science that tells us how to use honey as a uric acid blocker. Read Benefits of Honey for Gout
Do you make your Gout Remedy from Honey, Onions, or other Foods?

Next Gout Remedy Steps

As the gout remedies on this page are also foodstuffs, you cannot simply add them to your existing diet. You need to analyze your diet and see if it can be improved by incorporating some of these treatments. Often, you can add water without dropping anything, but most of the food-based gout treatments mean making better choices.

There are other food-based preparations in the Gout Home Remedies part of the Gout Treatment Help Section.

If you cannot see how these gout remedies might fit into your gout diet and treatment plans, you can get more help in the gout forum.

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