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GoutPal's Forum for Arthritis Sufferers is for people who are not sure if they have gout, or a different type of arthritis. Or, are you sure you have gout? If so, please go to Questions for Gout Sufferers.

Some GoutPal Arthritis Sufferers think they have gout. But, they can't get a confirmed gout diagnosis. Other GoutPal Arthritis sufferers have got a gout diagnosis. But, they are not convinced they have gout.

If you are not certain you have gout, you can not control it. So, this GoutPal Forum for Arthritis Sufferers helps you decide if you have gout, or not. Once we confirm that you do have gout, you move to GoutPal's Gout Recce Forum. Where, you decide which type of gout treatment you need.

Arthritis Sufferer's Discussion List

Please join one of these discussions. Or, start a new topic to get personal help with your arthritis. Please make sure you explain your doubts about your gout diagnosis.

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Viewing 8 topics - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)