Does Allopurinol make you Gain Weight?

Allopurinol and Weight Gain

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    I’ve been on 300MG to lower UA levels (which were around 9) for about 6 months, and it seems to be working overall.

    I have a question about weight gain — is this something that is possible due to this med? I am overweight to begin with, but I have not significantly altered my already healthy and gout-avoidant diet, and seem to notice a gain of several pounds.

    My diet is primarily vegan and gluten free, any suggestions on Keto or other diet plans?

    Does Allopurinol make you Gain Weight?

    Does Allopurinol make you Gain Weight?

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    I don’t know whether weight gain is a common side-effect. But I do know that 300mg isn’t the ideal dose in many cases. What are your UA test results like on that dose?
    “Several pounds” could just be water or simply your muscle mass being re-built if you’ve become more physically active as your gout improved.

    Gout-wise, you aren’t out of the water yet as you’ve only been on the drug for 6 months. And gout sufferers have had trouble with keto and other crazy diets.
    So I would recommend sticking with something reasonable, like increasing the amount of low-energy foods you eat. If you aren’t eating enough proteins, fixing that could also lower your appetite (but if you’re almost vegan, you can’t just look at the gross amount of protein you find on labels and such as vegan diets are often lacking in at least one particular protein).

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    chris mousel
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    Justin This may or may not help you.
    For significant medical reasons I made eating habit changes. I purchased two books about Ending Diabetes. Over one year I have dropped 66 lbs. And my risk has been removed for being diagnosed with diabetes. The advice included No Sugar, No Oil, No Salt. No Dairy,
    No Meat, No Fowl, No Fish.
    Sounds utterly awful I know but slowly to start I got it right.
    Fruit , Vegetables , Beans,
    Nuts and seeds. I substituted Almond Milk for Dairy.
    I roast my veggies with lemon juice.
    I use Brown Rice Pasta as it’s a whole grain, can’t tell the difference. I use whole grain breads.
    Nix the white flour empty calories.
    Drink fruit flavored chilled herb tea. And my latest discovery is Powdered Peanut Butter. So much less fat than regular.
    I found too many beans started my gout symptoms, so I hopped on here to start learning. I stay away from the known gout triggers.
    Vegan diets don’t necessarily control fat, sugar, and salt intake but that might be something you can try.
    Is it hard? No Not if like me I was afraid to have one more issue physically!Is it less tasty ? It can be but with the Internet at your fingers you can find items that perk up flavor. Also recipes galore for vegetables I had never indulged in.
    Bottom line you don’t go hungry.
    The secret is: going out to eat is my guilty pleasure. However I only eat out once or twice a month usually at lunch between Dr. visits. That’s when I choose food I want to eat never having Sugar! And never adding salt!
    Keeping to whole grain bread choices.
    Indulging in meat, fish, or chicken.
    Sometimes eggs.That’s how I manage all the other days of the month eating at home as described above.
    My food urges don’t exist anymore and the best thing is sugar is not my most desired item. Fresh and frozen fruit always available.
    Vitamix invaluable for Almond Milk, peanut butter powder, cocoa, and frozen banana smoothies.
    Again I’m no gout expert, at all And still learning but dropping the excess weight and discovering how to eat and keep the uric acid level down. Yes I’m doing this also to avoid any possibility of having to add medication. My Nephrologist ( kidney man) has just begun my gout symptom investigation but I’m prepared to get referred to Rheumatology. My Dad had Rhumatory Arthritis, so beside my father’s beautiful blue eyes I inherited a second genetic feature.
    Best Wishes C.

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    Chris’ recommendations are also valid for people suffering from gout… except for avoiding dairy. Indeed, I’d say they they’re common sense recommendations (not that I follow every single one religiously).
    Low-fat dairy products such as skimmed milk and yogurt made from skimmed milk is generally recommended to people who want to lower their uric acid. And since it is the fat in dairy that some diets want to steer you away from so I think there’s room for comprise on the dairy issue.

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    chris mousel
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