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      Karen C0x

      Hi I’ve recently started this med as have had acute gout attacks following kidney injury. Doc wants me to increase when I’m pain free, will this trigger more gout attacks as it did when I first started. Just coming to end of an attack and becoming pain free but so scared to start the increase as the pain was so very intense

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      It would depend on your uric acid history as well as on the reason your doctor wants to increase the dose.
      In any case you should ideally be on meds that prevent attacks when starting allopurinol. Your kidney injury might make some of these medications dangerous for you but there are several alternatives so hopefully at least one would be suitable. Failing that, you could perhaps take an effective painkiller (not acetaminophen/paracetamol).
      I would recommend that you discuss this with your doctor ASAP. Don’t allow them to brush off your concern or to minimize attacks because they cause damage, not just pain. And if your doctor isn’t very knowledgeable about kidneys or about preventing and treating attacks, consider seeing another (perhaps a specialist).

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