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    Craig Schadt
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    After many years of frustration with gout and having read all the great posts of many gout sufferers, I conclude with: You can drink all the beer you like as long as you dilute it with water before and after or alternating between sips….not the most enjoyable experience but it does allow you to have beer.

    And now for purine-free beer…..my son came back from Japan and brought back a 6-pack of Kirin Tanrei Double Platinum beer. This beer and Asahi Style Free and Sapporo Goku Zero are all purine-free beers. And now the moment of truth. Consumed one who can of the Kirin. Normally gout flare up 8 hours -0ne day reaction. NADA..!! This beer tasted great and no gout flare-up. So a day later I had a 2nd beer. Also purine-free Kirin. No gout. So I am charged up. Kirin Tanrei Double Platinum purine-free no gout beer..!!

    So I write to Kirin Corporate to ask if there is anyway I can buy this beer from Japan. Their highly intellectual answer….Sorry but due to various reasons we cannot sell this beer outside of Japan. All I want to do is buy some effen beer…!! No luck. So I have 4 cans of gold remaining which I will ration over the next 4 months. I find it incredible that Kirin will not distribute this beer in the USA. End of sad story…!!

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    Keith Taylor
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    Update for Craig ( @craig-schadt ).

    I hope you’re still visiting GoutPal, Craig. Because I found a source of Kirin Tanrei Double Platinum purine-free beer at Rakuten Global Market. Unfortunately, this product was out of stock when I looked. But, it’s worth checking to see if new stocks arrive. Note that this is the global site, not the USA site which doesn’t sell specialist goods.

    The company is a global shipper for Japanese products. So while browsing their catalog I found:

    • Japanese beer Ryoma 1865 – alcohol-free and purine-free.
    • Asahi-style free (FREE STYLE) purine zero 500 ml – 6% alcohol.
    • 350 ml of Sapporo Goku Zero – purine-free, 5% alcohol.
    Purine-free Beer for Gout

    Which is your favorite Purine-free Beer for Gout?

    The catalog has many more purine-free beers, especialy zero-alcohol. But some are restricted from international shipping.

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    Carroll Lee
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    Beer not healthy for gout

    I know beer is not gout healthy, but exactly what is there in beer that raises acid levels?

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    Keith Taylor
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    Why isn’t beer gout healthy for you, Carroll?

    The only thing I can think of that might raise uric acid levels is weight-gain. And, obviously volume of beer drinking and the interaction of alcohol on kidneys might have an impact. But, that depends on individual kidney function. Also, beer is only one component of diet. So, it has to be viewed in the context of the rest of your food intake. It’s complicated (*).

    Everyone is different. If you want better analysis, I need more personal information. Regular posting of beer intake, weight, and uric acid test results would be a good start.

    (*) I mean analyzing a single component of diet is complicated. Controlling gout is actually very simple. When you put your mind to it.

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    Try a beer without yeast


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    Keith Taylor
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    It is not possible to produce beer without yeast.
    Budweiser is not an exception.
    Yeast in Budweiser

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