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Which Fish is good for Uric Acid?

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      Gout Foodie

      Best fish with lower uric acid suggestion from Ken via Gout Helpdesk.

      Please add comments about this suggestion about fish for gout sufferers.

      I like Pollock, Swaii, and Talipia fish. Would you add these fish uric acid levels to your food listing?


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      Keith Taylor

      I also like pollock but I’m not sure I’ve ever had swaii or talipia. I guess we should get together and swap recipes.

      I’m not sure what I can do on this. Purine numbers for individual foods are extremely hard to come by. I spent weeks researching my original list of foods high in uric acid. Later, I learned that vegetable purines don’t make gout worse. I spent some more time researching detailed purines for meat and fish.

      Since producing those epic lists, I’ve learned that purines from food are only ever important when you are micro-managing food and drink for your gout diet. For gout sufferers who are micro-managing their gout diet, I’d like to make my lists easier to use.

      Please can you tell me more about the way you manage your gout through gout diet control. My experiments on this failed many years ago, so I cjanged my approach to gout control. I now rely on allopurinol to control gout. And, I adopt healthy nutrition principles to try and make my diet gout-friendly.

      Please let me know the details of how you use my gout food lists to control your uric acid.

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      Keith Taylor

      Review Gout Food Tables

      My page Gout Foods Tables Introduction is confusing.

      It needs urgent review. So, I believe it’s best to reorganize all purine tables into separate pages for low, medium, high, etc. Then link to other pages that summarize different aspects of nutrition for gout sufferers. These pages should differentiate between proved links and suggestions. Because Gout Dieters need information that they can use to compare to changes in uric acid. Whereas Gout Foodies are more concerned with how they feel about food.

      For practical purine control, the pages should start at How Purines Affect Gout. Which needs to introduce various plans for purine intake management. Then, it should refer to related purine facts in Gout Resources section.

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      Keith Taylor

      Unrelated to this, I reminded myself that I have a page: Gout Foods Table for Fish.

      That ought to be the “collection point” (i.e. main summary) of all matters relating to gout with fish and seafood.

      As with all the suggestions, I’ll prioritize them when other people show an interest. You can mark topics as Favorite. But, the best way to draw my attention to a suggestion you are interested in, is to add a reply to it.

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      Keith Taylor

      It looks like every gout sufferer is going crazy for pollack recipes! So, here’s a healthy recipe for pollock that I found on a UK website (abelandcole.co.uk). USA gout sufferers might need to translate:
      Aubergine = Eggplant (But, I prefer it as Brinjal, in Indian pickle).
      Courgette = Zucchini.
      200°C = 400°F.
      180°C = 350°F.
      Anything else need translating?

      Ingredients for 2 people
      1 aubergine
      2 courgettes
      2 tomatoes
      1 red onion
      1 garlic clove
      1 lemon
      100g feta
      2 pollock fillets
      50g baby leaf spinach
      A handful of oregano
      1 tsbp olive oil
      Sea salt
      Freshly ground pepper

      1. Heat your oven to 200°C/Fan 180°C/Gas 6. Trim the ends of the aubergine and courgettes. Chop the veg into 2 cm thick slices, then cut into cubes. Cut the tomatoes into quarters. Halve, peel and thickly slice the onion.
      2. Peel and grate the garlic into a large bowl. Whisk with 1 tbsp oil and plenty of salt and pepper. Tumble all the veg into the bowl and toss together to coat the veg in the garlicky oil.
      3. Tip the veg onto a baking tray and spread them out into a single layer. Slide it into the oven and roast for 30 mins. The veg should be charred and softened. Toss halfway through. Zest and juice half the lemon.
      4. After the veg has cooked for 30 mins, place the pollock fillets on top of the veg, skin-side up. Crumble over the half pack of feta (see our tip below for what to do with the rest). Slide back into the oven and cook for 10 mins till the fish is just cooked through and the feta is golden. The fish will be white and flake easily when pressed with a fork.
      5. Remove the tray from the oven. Divide the spinach between 2 plates. Drizzle with a little lemon juice. Spoon over the roasted veg and top with a piece of fish each. Scatter over the lemon zest and oregano leaves. Squeeze over wedges of the remaining lemon to taste.

      Enjoy! 😀

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      Can i eat crawfish with gout?

      I’ve been seeing my RA and the 1st time he took my uric acid level it was 7 but 3 months prior to that it was 5.7 and my primary M.D. was trying to diagnose me with gout because i was having really bad joint pain in my shoulder. He ga

      After i returned he told me i had gout. I haven’t had any severe joint pain in my feet or hands no swelling i just went in because of my shoulder. I later found out i have osteoarthritis. How do i know if it’s really gout. Since my uric acid level is a 7. I have been reading up on things you can and cannot eat. Should i do another test soon. I had it done in feb.

      Thank you for your reply.

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        Keith Taylor

        Hi Vanessa, you need to think about your whole diet. Individual foods are not really important until you consider how they fit with everything else you eat.

        Eating crawfish every day is bad for you. That’s not a gout thing, it’s just bad diet. Because, it leads to lots of health problems, not just gout. So, consider eating fish once or twice a week. Also, oily fish is better, like salmon. So, mix it up, with occasional crawfish along with other fish.

        Because gout is suspected, you should get regular uric acid tests. So, ask your doctor how frequently you should get tested. Then you get a clearer picture about your gout, and how to treat it. As it isn’t too high, we might be able to control your gout with better diet. Just let me know if you want me to help you plan a healthy gout diet.

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      Sushi Lover with Gout

      Gout and Sushi

      I was having all sorts of problems from slight mental confusion to feelings of anxiety and a slowness in joint mobility. my right eye twitched and the eyeball felt scratchy and my eyelids became puffy and I got floaters in the right eye. I have elevated blood pressure worse than 2 years ago and that got me scared and thinking.

      11 years ago at age 45, my blood pressure was 117 over 76 considered very good and athletic. I worked out for 30 minutes 3 times a week at my local gym using the rowing machine..followed by 15 minutes of light weight training and walked a good deal as I was living in the city and didn’t need a vehicle. At that time.I started eating sushi, something I discovered was good and tasty, and over time I built a huge liking to Tuna and Salmon sashimi and sushi, as well as other sushi foods like raw shrimp and prawn, shellfish and mussels. I ate them about 2-4 times a week.

      I moved from the city to the suburbs and stopped doing the row-machine but continued to walk a good deal.While still living in the city I developed sore shins while walking, and a very sore big toe, on my left foot. It went away in time, but a tightness and heavy feeling in my left leg below the knee, and calf and foot persisted, and never really went away just was good to bad depending on whatever.

      When the doctor diagnosed high blood pressure recently 150 over 96, I started working out again 3 times a week and doing the rowing machine and light weight training.I’m 56 and not in a hurry to have a heart attack at the gym while trying to get better. I started eating bowls of Vietnamese soups which include large amounts of Cilantro and started consuming daily glass’s of Greens+ smoothie drink, hoping to get healthy and eating the soup cause I love the stuff but hated Cilantro, an ingredient in Vietnamese cooking that I never really tasted anyway.

      After a particularly busy day of walking and eating Sashimi, I had a serious session once I got home and sat on the couch. The room began to spin, worse than anything I have ever experienced, but it lasted only seconds and would start when I laid down, quit and then when I stood up, it would start again. Terrified, I was about to have a stroke or something I went into a mental frenzy and when I was feeling better, I researched the Internet and found some interesting things. Cilantro forces the cells including the brain to release heavy metals like mercury into the bloodstream, where it is eliminated sort of, through stool and urine elimination.The problem is mercury can be reabsorbed back into the cells through re-absorption in the colon. The Greens + mixture contains Chlorella, which binds with the metals and the body can’t re-absorb them, thus elimination began in earnest. Black balls and flecks and the unusually high fecal odor were also something I noticed. My urine was a coppery color and reeked. I started eating large amounts of fresh Cilantro in salads and added to the green+ mixture. I started to notice the twitching in my eye stopped, my floater was receding, I felt better. I stopped eating Tuna and all seafood like shrimp and mussels. The tightness in my leg started to unwind and my general well being increased dramatically. Then I ate a half can of sockeye salmon, followed by the last half can the following day and my left toe went into orbit. I couldn’t touch it or walk. I started freaking out.

      My neighbor said gout. It never occurred to me I had gout. I researched it and stopped eating any fish or seafood. period. I started eating cherries , fresh and tart, drank cherry juice every day and started taking apple cider vinegar, by mixing 2 tablespoons in my cherry juice. I added fresh strawberries blueberries and cranberries to a mixture of fresh fruit, added to the greens+ smoothie drink. All this change in food and health began about 2 weeks ago. All symptoms of eye twitching, mental confusion, lethargy and discomfort in my calves vanished. My left foot feels better than it has in years. I sleep better at night and have no feeling of anxiety, or stress, which was plaguing my life. I have more energy now than I have had in years. High purines and metals in the fish, especially Tuna, which is the big eye, yellowtail bluefin and Ahi served in Sushi parlors, plus shrimp and mussels etc I believe was the culprit, causing more health issues than I care to contemplate plus high blood pressure. I ate a lot of tuna, hardly any farmed salmon, only wild sockeye, no more. Not for a while, and in small doses like twice a month only, when I feel brave enough to start eating fish for the good protein and omega 3. I thought lots of fish and seafood was better than burgers and fries, which it probably is, but not all the time, or even 3 times a week because tuna especially is high in purines, that cause Uric acid and the gout, high blood pressure etc etc.. I feel much better than I have felt in years,. The wrist and foot pain has gone. I feel like I did before consuming ravenous amounts of fish and seafood.Fresh organic salads, white breast chicken in small amounts, lots of greens and fresh fruit have become the new staple. The real indicator is when I go for my blood pressure tests. My bet is it has dropped. I have a wonderful healthy vibe going on in my body that started 30 minutes after I ingested 25 tart cherries and added apple cider vinegar to my diet All the body stress from the uric acid {I imagine} has vanished miraculously. Bon appetite.

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        Keith Taylor

        Sushi is no different from any other type of cuisine. To tackle gout, you have to start from a basically healthy diet. That means avoiding excesses of calories, iron, and animal purines. It does not mean avoiding these completely – just eat a sensible amount. Every person’s needs are different, so you might ask for personal help in the forum. Before you do, I urge you to read my Gout Foods guidelines.

        Because of this, there is no specific advice on sushi. However, I did mention sushi in Octopus and Gout. Also, see Gout Foods Table for Fish.

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