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    Scott Jeffrey
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    I’m a long time gout and pseudo gout sufferer. Recently I staved off a gout attack with colchicine but I have a dime-sized area on the outside portion of my big toe joint that is still extremely sore to the touch. Unlike my regular gout attacks which make it difficult to walk, this is different in that walking in stocking feet is no problem, shoes hurt a lot. I started taking Celebrex (which worked on a similar incident on my elbow three years ago) but the toe doesn’t seem to be improving. Has anyone else had a similar experience? It’s been nearly two weeks since the toe got sore in that one small area, should I be concerned with this? It’s not as debilitating as a full outbreak, but it makes it so I can’t run or workout or wear dress shoes. Could the joint just be damaged from my many gout attacks? If so, what’s the treatment? Thanks again!

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    This isn’t typical of gout but you can develop less typical symptoms if you don’t treat your gout. This sounds like it could be a minor attack at a different location within (or adjacent to) the joint than you’re used to. It would still be prudent to get your foot checked by a doctor in case you’ve broken a small bone or something.
    The treatment you need in any case is to lower your uric acid. What value did your latest blood test come back with?

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