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Bread alternatives for soup?

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    Veggie soups are very healthy if you make them yourself. No food manufacturing additives for me! But, I struggle to eat a bowl of soup without bread. And, my waistline is suffering! 🙁

    I’m looking for alternatives to dipping bread in soup. Here’s what I’ve found, so far:
    – Lentil cake
    – Salad
    – Pumpkin and egg white microwave muffin
    – Cauliflower Breadsticks (made with cauliflower, eggs, seasoning). Optional added Parmesan cheese
    – Make soup thicker
    – Kale chips

    Maybe, I should just bit-the-bullet, and stop dipping!

    Any better suggestions? Please note, this is for weight loss. I don’t have a wheat intolerance. But, I seem to lose weight better if I cut down on bread and pasta.

    Kale Chips with Soup photo

    Are Kale Chips the best alternative to bread for soup dipping?

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