Mitigare is Cheaper than Colcrys

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      wikkydoo .

      I’m in the US and colcichine is extremely expensive. I have seen mixed reviews about online pharmacies (legal) where you can order Colcichine from other countries such as India for extreme discounts. Has anyone ever tried any of these pharmacies and/or a particular product from one of these pharmacies and can recommend it? Again, as far as I can tell these are all completely legal, although the FDA has warnings many of these products have not been specifically approved by the FDA, which is somewhat confusing. I don’t know if that means “it’s probably the same drug but we would rather you buy the expensive one we approved because we make more money” or “they probably laced the drug with something that might kill you” kind of thing.

      Mitigare is Cheaper than Colcrys

      Mitigare is a brand of Colcichine (Colchicine) just like Colcry$ but cheaper

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      I recall reading that you can get affordable colchicine in the US if the script is done right.
      The drug itself isn’t anyone’s IP. Crazy as that might seem, it’s the new usage recommendation you’re supposed to pay for. So if you can show that recommendation isn’t relevant to your medical condition…

      I would rather get an acquaintance to send me drugs in the mail or cross the nearest border myself to purchase drugs than to order from some random online shop.
      Maybe ask people who live in the country you want to buy drugs from? Even if they don’t use colchicine, their opinion will probably be more useful than the opinions of colchicine users living in a different country.

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