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Predisone for my gout attacks

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    Diane Goldberg
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    my uric acid levels have gone done….below a 4.

    I am taking 2 allopurinol tablets a day…and watching my diet….get flare-ups, start prednisone….helps..then when finished meds….flare-ups begin….I’m pretty depressed …

    any help….any suggestions?

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    Keith Taylor
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    Hi Diane,

    I’m sorry, but I have more questions than answers at the moment. Because I don’t have enough information to help you properly. So, can you tell me:

    1. When were you first diagnosed with gout.
    2. When did you start taking allopurinol?
    3. Are your 2 allopurinol tablets 100mg or 300mg?
    4. Have you taken different doses of allopurinol in the past? If so, what doses and when did they change.
    5. Do you have exact uric acid test results and approximate dates?
    6. Have you ever taken any other gout pain relief besides prednisone?


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