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      LinkedIn Gouty

      I am 51 with a 4-year history of Gout. I have 2-3 attacks per year mostly precipitated by eating a lot of fructose or being sick. Most are minor lasting 1 day. Uric acid runs between 7.5 and 10.

      Doctor suggested Allopurinol, I am hesitant after reading all side effects, but I am concerned with long term effects of gout like kidneys

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      Keith Taylor

      [This is from a LinkedIn discussion. Shared here to help other gout sufferers avoiding uric treatment due to side effect fears]

      Currently, I’m chatting with a guy at my help desk with similar allopurinol fears. So at some point I’ll gather some resources to address this issue.

      For me, it came down to balancing potential allopurinol side effects with very real uric acid main effects. Because I had a broken knee and a gouty ankle at the same time. And I couldn’t distinguish between them pain-wise.

      In fact, I dismissed the broken knee as a rare simultaneous joint flare. Until x-rays showed otherwise. So as soon as I got out of hospital I arranged with my doctor to start allopurinol.

      By the way, I never discussed Uloric/febuxostat with him. But I’m more fearful of febuxostat side effects than allopurinol.

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      The risk of serious side effects can be considerably diminished by being careful, more careful than most doctors would tend to be. If there’s no emergency, you can start with very small doses and increase them slowly, getting regular blood tests along the way (and diligently monitoring your vitals).
      Depending on your ancestry, I understand there’s a genetic test you can get specifically to prevent very serious allopurinol side effects as well.

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