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      Chris Clemmons

      Hey bud,

      I’ve had gout since my early 20’s. Loved beer, still love bourbon. Here’s a simple bit of advice that keeps you away from the doctor.

      Drink 1/2 to a full gallon of water every day. When I adhere to that 1 thing, I can pretty much enjoy whatever I want without risk of a gout attack. The days I don’t, I will feel the gout moving in.

      Example, I haven’t had alcohol in 10 days, but have had some bbq brisket. I drank only 1/4 gallon of water yesterday w/2 cups of coffee and woke up today with gout in my ankle. It’s not just about what you eat, it’s about ensuring your body has the proper hydration.

      Suck down the water, and you should see the frequency of your attacks reduced. When one does begin to surface, hit the indomethacin quick, before it turns into a full blown attack.

      Just my $0.02, good luck!

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      Leslie Clark

      I could not agree more, had chronic gout now for months, tried everything in the book as soon as one flare-up goes down it starts in another joint, my toes, ankles, elbows, knuckles, drank cherry juice celery juice been on a gout diet , taken medical drugs, all this leaves me with pain in the joints after the flareup goes down but just lately been drinking about 3 litres of water per day lased with lemon juice and 1 colchicine opocalcium tablet this has made a big difference although still got pain in one or two joints no other flare-ups, SO WASH YOUR URIC ACID THROUGH YOUR KIDNEYS AND PASS IT OUT THROUGH YOUR URINE.

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        Hello to both of you,
        Drinking plenty is important as you notices (as long as your kineys can handle it).
        But to keep your joints healthy in the long run and avoid nasty complications, it’s important to stop the flares/attacks entierly and to keep the amount of uric acid in your blood consistently low.
        Colchicine may prevent flares but you shouldn’t be taking it for very long. The side effects are different than indo-type drugs but the less drugs of any type you take to manage flares/attacks, the better.

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