First severe gout flare.

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    Should have wrote an outline for this… TL;DR at bottom if this is too much to read.

    Gout became severe about 5-6 days after I quit drinking. Never really drank much beer, but was a very heavy drinker. I fear it was a fasting and feasting flare because I couldn’t eat much while drinking that much and when I started eating again it was literally pounds of roast, brisket, lunch meats. The flare was terrible, got better briefly with the first medicine, but has come back. Kind of feels like it is headed to the other big toe, but no swelling and much stiffness yet. I have also had terrible flatulence… MORE INFORMATION:

    I weigh around 300lbs but am right at about 200lb of muscle mass based on DEXA scan and electric analyzer at complete nutrition. So ~33-34% bf is high. I generally lift weights 4-6 times a week when I am not doing my manual labor job.

    I have taken almost all high purine foods out of my diet but the damn information online is so conflicting. Eggs and whey protein are my main source of protein right now. I had probably 6-8oz of salmon last night. Rice, spinach, banana peppers go with those meals. Whey protein goes into a blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, and today added dark sweet cherries to the smooth of approximately 1.5-2 cups of fruit.

    Podiatrist put me Indomethacin which gave me terrible acid reflux. I can keep it under control with a large meal. I was using these for a while and haven’t got through the whole bottle but the side effects are not so great. So, he also gave me methylprednisolone which I’m feeling much better with both of these. Not sure if the Indomethacin or gout has given terrible gas but it is pretty constant.

    HOWEVER, I fear these medicines are masking symptoms and not doing anything for treatment which is not going to be okay because I work in steel toe boots, running, jumping, and lifting all day. I haven’t been to work in over 2 weeks now because of this hell.

    Sorry for the long post.
    TL;DR: Quit drinking, fast/feast potential reaction, overweight, changed diet completely, on short-term fixes from meds so I can get back to work, but want this to never come back – need to know what to do… What are my best courses of actions to make sure this flare stops quick, I keep it at bay for at least 6 weeks, and lifestyle changes necessary to never see this hell again.

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    Keith Taylor
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    Whenever gout is linked to food, it’s all about what you ate last year. Not last week. (For the experts I know that’s a simplification. But I’m starting with the obvious until we have more relevant information. )

    So the most likely explanation is your parent’s combined genes make you susceptible to gout. Then bodybuilding amplifies the problem. Think of it like driving very fast cars when your parents gave you short sight. Because you could stop driving. But you would still risk other hazards. So the sensible option is specs. Or other eye correction.

    The sensible option with gout is allopurinol. Or other uric acid control.

    Windy Indomethacin for Gout

    Windocin (!) for Gout?

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    Yes, “these medicines are masking symptoms”.

    Unfortunately allopurinol is not a quick fix. It’s quicker and more effective than lifestyle modifications so that’s not an argument against allpurinol.
    I only bring up the bad news because I’m seeing red flags in Smith’s post:
    -“terrible acid reflux”
    -“he also gave me methylprednisolone”
    -no mention of a PPI
    The side effects of these drugs sometimes get worse over time… much, much worse. And chances are this isn’t the last time Smith will need to take anti-inflammatories.
    I obviously can’t know what’s going on in Smith’s stomach (doctors need to push a camera down your throat in order to assess that) but prolonged use of that drug combination is known to involve a risk of stomach damage which a drug class called PPI can at least delay if not completely prevent. And once stomach damage becomes obvious, it’s too late to prevent it.
    If you think gout on anti-inflammatories is hell, try gout when you can’t take anti-inflammatories anymore because of stomach damage!
    So I would recommend seeing a doctor who understands GI side effects better than the average podiatrist. Maybe that podiatrist is awesome and understands well things outside of their specialty. But if not…

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