Gout and CKD

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      Obviously there is a link between Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and Gout. They say that CKD can cause gout.
      But is there any evidence that gout can damage kidneys and contribute to CKD deterioration?

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      If nothing else, there are people who get kidney stones from excessive uric acid in the blood. While that’s in principle not gout proper, gout seems to contribute to uric acid coming out of solution (quite dramatically in some experiments). Does that happen in the kidneys though? I don’t know. But whatever the case may be, there is a correlation and some people take gout drugs specifically to prevent stones while some of the people who take the same drugs for gout apparently see their kidney function improve marginally.
      Gout could also contribute to a number of diseases through inflammation, stress, lack of exercise and of course the side-effects of the drugs people take for gout.
      Maybe someone has demonstrated an actual mechanism leading from gout to CKD but I know next to nothing about the topic so all I can offer is these general musings…

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