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Gout & Purines: Asparagus and Spinach

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    I’m very curious and NEED to know what is it about asparagus and spinach that makes them high in purines? I’ve also read, somewhere, that even though they are high in purines, it’s ok to eat them. Hope so, cause I love those veggies

    Asparagus and Spinach for Gout photo

    What’s your favorite asparagus and spinach recipe for gout?

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    Aspargus and spinach are not very high in purines so I don’t know that a special explanation is called for. They contain more purines than most veggies but broccoli has more than aspargus for instance. Spinach has a fair bit of one type of purine but none of the most troublesome purine which you do find in a few other veggies like eggplant.
    Whatever. No vegetable contains as much purine as animal flesh. The way most people eat veggies, the purines they contain isn’t going to amount to much. It’s only if you eat unusually large amounts of such vegetables (for instance because you’re vegan) that an issue might arise.

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