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      S B

      Hello. I am in the midst of a gout attack in my toes and on the side of my foot for over 3 weeks. I haven’t had an attack in about a year but this one won’t seem to go away. Was wondering if anyone suffers attacks for weeks or even months? It’s get very annoying. Thanks!

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      Sure, attacks sometimes last a long time. But I obviously can’t tell if what you’re suffering from right now is gout as you suspect or something else.
      The longer you have untreated gout, the more likely you are to get constant attacks or very long attacks. If your gout is untreated as I suspect, consider seeking treatment!

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      Paul Evans

      I’m going throught the same for the past month, I dont think my UA levels are high anymore, mine is foot pain rather than joint pain, I thin I have Plantar fasciitis from the gout…. last year, I compensated by walking on different parts of the foot and coused tissue damage, that was so painful… I rearly come to this site anymore as I have more or less figured out what keeps me out of trouble and what foods I need to avoid (tomatoes are a killer for me), lockdown has put my plan off track, and Ive put on loads of weight, plus same time I’m studying a degree, when I’m behind with that I’m stressed at deadline time my sleep is rubbish, then comes the gout… must admit, I’m a bit stumped at the moment, I have just bought some supportive cushion sole training shoes, they are helping, and trying to not take too much diclofenac, as its not good to take it all the time…. going on holiday in 2 weeks, really hoping I get back to being fit again soon, its a bit difficult balencing weight loss fitness and gouy… hey ho gout is a very dividual thing, help to keep a pain diary through the year and note the weather too…. such a complex thing is gout, …

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        Hi, Paul. Gout may not be as complex as you think. I recommend approaching your diary and theories scientifically (as opposed to a confirmation bias). Things which affect us seem to require an explanation but often times, they’re just random. That’s why people have developped all manner of superstitions about diseases, the weather or war over the ages.
        One of the few things we know for a fact about gout is that getting the amount of UA in the blood low enough for long enough gets rid of most (if not all) the symptoms. This value isn’t used because it’s particularly reliable or stable measurement (quite the contrary!) or because it causes gout directly but because it’s a practical and cheap measurement. So you shouldn’t guess that number but get it measured regularly until your gout is cured.
        If you have gout and the amount of uric acid in your blood is too high (even if it’s only too high every other time it’s measured), no amount of obsessing about trigger foods or orthoic devices will save you from a world of pain in the long run.
        Don’t get me wrong: custom soles do seem to be helpful for some plantar problems which you can develop irrespective of gout. But they aren’t a cure for gout!

        Losing weight on a low-purine diet isn’t especially challenging. Perhaps I could help if you told me what you find difficult to balance.

        Finally, if you do take diclofenac on a regular basis I would recommend monitoring the most common side effects (for instance by getting a gastroscopy as well as by getting your bloodwork doneregularly ) as well as any less common side effects you might have experienced in the past.

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