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    Hi! I have had my 2nd attack of gout. First time was in my ankle, this time in my big toe. After my ankle, which was the worst pain i ever had, i armed myself w/: uric acid tabs, turmeric tea, nettle tea, tart cherry juice, cherry juice capsules, youget the idea. I flared up after vaca – where i was guilty of too much beef – and prob. Too much wine. Anyway, i really tried to relieve myself w/natural remedies but it kept getting worse. I am on day 3 of prednesone and it is very slowly subsiding. I have been researching foods to eat and not to eat. I now drink alkaline water (i have ordered myself a pitcher) – and am trying to eat very clean. I am very confused about white bread. Prior to this, i had actually stopped all carbs except for 1 piece of Joseph oat bran/flax/pita for lunch. Now i am reading white bread is ok-it is a white product. I am extremely confused. Can anyone clear up this white bread thing for me? I was so excited (cause i loved white bread) – i ran out and bought some and had a wonderful peanut butter and white bread sandwich with a glass of non fat milk (something i also did not drink anymore.). I have alports syndrome so i may also have an underlying issue contributing to the high uric acid – but i will take any and all advice. Thank you. I am 63 year old female.

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    As far as gout is concerned, white bread is OK. It’s not ideal for a few reasons but you can eat moderate amounts. Certainly it’s safer than what most people would eat if they decided to go on a low-carb diet! How much white bread would be “moderate” depends on what’s in that bread, what else you eat, your size and the other health problems you have.
    You’re going to get confused if you read whatever you stumble upon because there’s lots of nonsense out there about food. Understanding how to manage a balanced diet can be pretty complicated depending on the health problems you have (for instance I have no clue about the implications of your syndrome) so if you are overwhelmed you might want to seek professional advice.

    Now, about gout…
    First, do you know for a fact that you actually have gout?
    Second, you should be aware that the foods which trigger or relieve symptoms are not necessarily the same foods which would help or hurt you in the long run. Being aware of what foods bring pain or relief is great but you also need to manage the root cause of gout.
    About that, do you know how much uric acid there is in your blood? You should either know your test results or simply trust in your doctor and do whatever they tell you. And since you didn’t ask your doctor about white bread, I assume you’ve decided to take matters in your own hands…

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