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      Thor Vegasson

      Hi All
      I have been a chronic gout sufferer and avid drinker since the age of 24 – I am now 44 and just had my first child. That being said I have finally taken to getting rid of gout the long-way round instead of going for injections every 2 months. I started the year on a high dose of Allupurinols (PURICOS in Africa) 600mg daily. I stopped drinking. I am still getting attacks but my doctor says my purine levels have become “normal” and that it is probably the Uric-acid breakdown in my joints that is now causing the attacks.
      Does this ring true for anybody out there?
      I would want to know how long does it take to get out of the “gout attack” zone? Its been 8 months since Ive cleaned up my act and Im just pining for the day I dont have any pain in my knees/feet/ankles.
      Any advice welcome
      Thanks guys!

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      It can take much longer than 8 months for allopurinol to work after gout has festered for so long. But your symptoms should start to improve. Can you take colchicine or regular anti-inflammatories to prevent or at least dial down these attacks?
      The most important thing you can do is to make sure your uric acid level is not “normal” but appropriate to your situation. 600mg daily would be more than enough for most people but you aren’t most people and it only matters whether the dose is appropriate for you.

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