Broken Bone or Gout Pain?

Gout or broken bones for maximum pain?

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      Keith Taylor

      I hope everyone is recovering nicely from gout.

      My attention-grabbing headline is my way of introducing an explanation for my recent absence.

      On 28th December, I got run over by an errant motorcyclist. Resulting in a broken arm, ribs, and severe lacerations and bruising to my left eye. I’m now recovering nicely. But concentrating is an issue some days.

      So I’m easing myself back into maintaining my websites gradually. Which means it might take me a while to respond to recent posts.

      As ever, if you feel your gout problem is urgent, I will try to respond quicker if you mention me. You mention someone by including an @ symbol immediately followed by their username. First, you can find the username by clicking a profile link and using the last part of the address. So to bring important matters to my attention, include @keith in your reply.

      But do not abuse this. Because it is considered rude to casually use mentions unless you have exhausted every other means of getting a response.

      If your problem is a technical one, relating to using my websites or linked services, then please mention @goutpal.

      Take care, everyone.

      PS, the answer is gout pain. Because those lovely paramedics give you morphine and other stuff to quickly end broken bone pain.

      Broken Bone or Gout Pain?

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      Dee Maxxx

      Gouty feet feel as if they are broken in mornings

      When I wake up in morning or have rested for a while in afternoon and begin to walk my feet are sore as if my bones in feet are broken. Very sore and I need walk very slow.
      Is this gout in my feet ?

      I’ve had gout 5 years now.

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      Keith Taylor

      Hi Dee,

      That pain in your feet sounds familiar to me. Because gout is a progressive disease. Which usually starts in one or two joints. Then uric acid crystals spread to all joints. Where they cause increasing physical bone, cartilage, and tendon damage. Before finally spreading to your skin and other organs with unsightly, painful results.

      But the only way to be certain is through blood tests and a physical examination by your doctor or a rheumatologist. Then you can get the uric acid treatment you need to prevent further damage.

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