Gouty Foot and Knee

Gout pain, knee (Gonagra) vs foot (Podagra)

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      Atlas King

      I have been diagnosed with gout 12 years ago and very familiar with flare ups in my feet. My question is does gout pain in the knee feel the same as in the feet?

      During a flare up, moving my foot at all can be extremely painful, especially if anything that weights more than air touches it.

      Last week my knee was swollen and I was left with limited motion, but that was it. There was discomfort if I tried to flex my leg beyond a certain point, but I could stand and bear weight on it, I could touch it without screaming, and move/bend it inside the limited range without discomfort of any kind.

      My instinct is telling me that this isn’t gout, but I’m curious to hear from those who do have it in the knee.

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      In my experience it doesn’t feel the same in the knee (in particular the skin doesn’t become sensitive like the skin around the big toe joint). It could be much worse than what you describe but after a while you can develop more frequent mild symptoms on top of the serious flares.
      That said, I also am not convinced that what you have in the knee right now is a gout. It hardly matters anyway because you should get your gout treated if you are getting flares anywhere. If you let gout fester for years, it’s likely going to get worse and it could also cause permanent damage. It’s a slow disease so treating it doesn’t feel urgent but you could end up bitterly regretting having neglected it…

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      Keith Taylor

      When my gout spread from my ankle to my knee, I knew it was gout. Because I’d already started researching gout symptoms. Mainly due to my first gout doctor who subjected me to a four-day hospital diagnosis. When he doubted I had gout because it started in my ankle not my toe.

      Subsequently, I learned that gout is a progressive disease. Which can affect all joints and spread into all organs except the brain. Left untreated, gout is a serious joint-destroying, life-threatening disease. However, it’s really easy to cure with uric acid lowering medicines – if they’re managed properly.

      Interestingly, Ancient Greeks had different names for gout depending on the joint affected. So foot gout was podagra and knee gout was gonagra. See Another Name For Gout for more gout names.

      Gouty Foot and Knee

      Untreated gout spreads from joint to joint getting worse every year.

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