Celebrex is a brand of celecoxib for gout

Gout thumb and celebrex

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      I’ve experienced gout in my big toe several times but suddenly last night my thumb started hurting. I thought I might have strained it working in the yard. I’m 61 so I get wear and tear pains all the time, but this went from zero to can’t hold anything in about two hours. I realized it was just like the pain during my toe attacks. 3 OTC strength ibuprophen did nothing.

      My wife has a generic celebrex perscription so I took one 100mg capsule. Significant pain reduction in a couple of hours. Felt pretty good this morning, but could still tell something was there so took another about 15 hours after 1st dose. Now about 30 hours since first symptom I have no pain.

      I didnt know anything about using celebrex for gout pain, I found this website doing research to see if it was a known treatment. Worked great for me, just as effective as a shot was for my toe pain.

      I’ve only had 3 or 4 attacks previously and dont really pay attention to my uric levels. Just wanted to report my good result using celebrex.

      Celebrex (an NSAID) is a brand of celecoxib for gout

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      Keith Taylor

      I’m very interested in your experience and would love to update my articles to reflect the use of Celebrex for gout patients. I had hoped I would have finished that by now. But everything seems to take longer these days. Anyway, If anyone has any questions, experiences, or opinions about Celebrex please share your thoughts.
      Gamebronc, I hope you will start to care for your uric acid. Because gout is a progressive disease. So the occasional attack that you can cope with in your 60s becomes joint damage that stops you enjoying your 70s and 80s. If I can do anything to help you with that, please let me know. Because I have had several friends older than you and I who have wished they started allopurinol earlier. I’m 62 and I started a few years back. But I’m feeling the damage in my knees now so I wish I hadn’t delayed.

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      Brad Keck

      Hi Keith and Gout Pals, I find that Celebrex is a better NSAID for gout than naproxen or ibuprofen. Unfortunately, getting Celebrex in US is like pulling teeth – they don’t want to prescribe it due to pharmacy restrictions. However, it is the best one for gout in my opinion. Brad

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      The NSAID my rheuma gave me is a different coxib which isn’t approved in the US. I’ve not used it much and can’t possibly comment on its efficacy… but even if I had used it a lot more, I wouldn’t compare drugs without reference to dosage.
      I wonder if the difference in efficacy and/or the difference in deadly side-effects might simply be due to dosing. In other words, perhaps a higher dose of a non-coxib NSAID would work just as well for Brad… and would be just as dangerous for the cardiovascular system as coxibs.
      In doubt, I think it’s safer to recommend older NSAIDs for occasional use, at least as long as people are not experiencing gastric side effects. For regular use, whether people can afford gastroscopic examination might be a decisive factor.

      As to Gamebronc’s experience, it’s not even clear the Celebrex did anything considering all NSAIDs take a while to work and they had taken a different drug earlier.

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