is 8.2 uric acid level too high?

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    I am 46 yrs old my weight 68kg and my height 5.8

    my uric acid level is 8.2 sometimes back it wad 7.2 it keeps fluctuating is this range is too dangerous please suggest with proper diet

    [Posted to GoutPal helpdesk from old forum topic: What should I do to reduce my uric acid level permanently?

    For most of us, the high uric acid that causes gout is a permanent result of genetic and other factors. Bad diet can make it worse, but healthy eating is rarely enough to control uric acid.


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    Keith Taylor
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    Hi Michael,

    8.2mg/dL is definitely too high for uric acid. Because it will cause gout to get worse every day, even if you have no symptoms. Also, 7.2 is too high. So, you must work on your gout diet to get below 5.

    Gout diet has to be personal.

    I start with what you eat now. Then, I suggest ways you can improve it. So. please start posting about what you eat each day, and we will take it from there.

    Also, I highly recommend you ask your doctor for a 24-hour urine test. That measures your uric acid excretion rate. It’s only important in a small percentage of pharmaceutical gout treatments. But, it’s very important for all gout sufferers who want to control gout through diet improvements.

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