Gout and Hip Fractures X-ray

Hip Bursitis and Gout

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    Danish Gnome
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    I was diagnosed with gout about 3 months ago by podiatrist. I had very painful foot joints and achilles tendonitis with osteophyte. Not the infamous red toe presentation. My blood uric acid was 7.5. Been on 100mg allopurinol and uric acid down to 6.0 after 3 weeks. Had physical therapy for Achilles tendon. Also Ionophoresis for heel spur. Just pain free and suddenly developed severe hip pain overnight. Couldn’t bear any weight on leg or lay on that side. Diagnosed as trochanteric bursitis and treated with bursa injection of lidocaine and steroids. No relief after 3 days so returned to orthopedist. Started on Medrol dose pack and have had relief of severity for 3 days. Having MRI tomorrow. Docs not sure if gout caused or another problem with hip muscles/tendons.

    Anyone have atypical gout flares like Achilles tendonitis or hip bursitis?

    Gout and Hip Fractures X-ray

    Will gout cause your hip to break?

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    Jean Clyne
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    Achilles tendonitis, yes, had it years ago was treated and went away but gradually came back. Went on allopurinol, after 6 mos of that, swelling and soreness in affected tendon gone. I didn’t make the connection till I read the article on here about uric acid deposits occurring in Achilles tendons and patellar tendons (kneecap area ). Go figure, but 6 mos later soreness/swelling is still gone. I often had a hip bursitis irritation but never really bad, just got a shoulder bursitis injected with cortisone plus lidocane, wow what an improvement there. Radiologist said significant arthritis in that joint. I don’t think there is any link to gout there just caused from years of wear and tear. I’m currently waiting for dual energy ct scan on hands and feet to determine presence of uric acid crystals or not. Rheumatologist I finally got sent to doesn’t think it is gout? because I didn’t have massively swollen, red, hot joints like his pictures, it was always more subtle than that. He couldn’t answer why 6 mos on allo. would bring down toe swelling and pain, eliminate the tendonitis, and random finger pains, and why eating red meat especially, and sugar would make symptoms worse .I hope he is right, that it is not gput, but then what, inflammatory arthritis? food allergies causing inflammation

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    One of the first arthritic symptoms I got was achilles tendonitis. I also had random hip pain a while back. It could have been gouty symptoms or it could have been something else. Hard to tell.
    I had a number of big toe episodes as well so the gout diagnosis was more obvious. The most-affected locations in my case have been: toes, ankles, wrists, fingers and knees (in that order). Achilles tendons and hips come way behind.

    Gnome, you could ask your doctors about a drug more specific to gout symptoms called colchicine. Whether it works for you or does nothing, that might be one more clue to help with your diagnosis.
    Regular anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen might also be worth trying. They’re not specific to gout but work pretty well if the dose is sufficient.

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