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      Rebecca Nahid

      I really do! Starting to worry that my higher dose of Allopurionol could cause weight gain. Why are there horror story accounts of people who gain 50 pounds on it when its not even listed as a rare side effect?!

      The same thing happened when I was prescribed anti-depressants for hormone problems even though it was a low dose there I was alarming myself reading accounts of people ballooning on the. Even my doctor friend pointed out this is usually not down to the drug itself but an increased appetite as sense of well being restored. Are the “I gained 50 pound” people just the doom merchants did they gain it because once on Allopurinol they went back to unhealthy eating habits?

      I think the panic for me over weight gain stems from my past bulimia.

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      Keith Taylor

      I don’t think Google is the issue. Because I’ve learned many useful gout facts from Google Scholar. Also, that has guided me to search for meaningful topics on the main Google site, and on Google Plus. So, let’s just forget the Internet for a moment, and think about real life.

      When you have a health problem, do you nip down the pub or cafe to discuss it with interesting people you never met before? Or do you stand on murky streets and consult the drug users and their dealers? Up here in Leeds, the police and local government have collaborated to try and create a tolerated zone for street sex workers. I’m sure they’ll have lots of interesting health issues to discuss. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

      Seriously, Rebecca, I’m not trying to be offensive. But why would you discuss your health with thieves and vagabonds? They’ll either rob you blind or lead your health astray. Beware, strangers!

      Google Gout Search
      Use the Google box at the top of each page here. Unfortunately, it isn’t perfect. Because any search engine is only truly useful when you know what to ask. But 9 times out of 10, you’ll get an answer from my Google Gout Search. Or, results that help you frame your next search better. For instance, search for nocebo.

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      d q

      Or you can always ask here too ๐Ÿ™‚

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        Keith Taylor

        Yes, d_q, I hope more people ask more questions here (the gout forums generally rather than this topic). But, searching before you ask the question increases your chances of a good answer.

        Ideally, you formulate the question focussing on the topic you are thinking of. Let’s say How can Google help me understand my gout better or more simply Google Gout. Then, search for that in the box at the top of the GoutPal page. Either, the results might help you, or not. Or partially. So, your next step depends on those outcomes:

        GoutPal Google Helped Totally
        Non-members should leave feedback on the result that helped them. Because that positive feedback reinforces the value of the article.

        Members should post an equally encouraging message in these forums. For the same reasons, and because I like to be stroked, pampered and petted. ๐Ÿ™„

        GoutPal Google Helped Partially
        Non-members should ask for clarification in the feedback form on the result that nearly helped them. Because that prompts me to improve the text for future gout sufferers.

        Members should post in these gout forums with:
        Title = your search phrase.
        Description =
        1. Why you searched for that phrase.
        2. Which result almost helped (link to actual page).
        3. Why it didn’t quite help.
        4. Everything else you have tried.
        Because that puts your question into context, giving the best chance of a relevant answer to you. Also, it prompts me in the same way as page feedback.

        GoutPal Google Didn’t Help
        Your response is almost the same as for nearly helping. Except you cannot link to a specific page. But, you can refer to the phrase you searched for.

        Unfortunately, non-members cannot leave feedback on the current version of GoutPal Search Results page. However, if that is a service you want, you can suggest it in the usual places.

        Other gout information sources
        Please note that the above also works for all information sources. If you’ve read something that helped you share it with others in the Gout Resources forum. But make sure you summarize key points and say why they helped you.

        Similarly, ask about other gout information that you disagree with or otherwise find unhelpful. Also, if other information confuses you, give a specific link to it. Because that is much easier to respond to than vague “Why are there horror story accounts of people who gain 50 pounds …”

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      Rebecca Nahid

      Thank you makes a lot of sense! I also like the NHS sites. One site my doctor told me about advised ice packs for gout though. Mabe work for some but never again!

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        Keith Taylor

        I know what you mean about ice, Rebecca! But, it does work for some gout sufferers. Because gout pain management is very personal when you account for different reactions to, and different tolerances of, pain.

        To those gout sufferers who prefer ice, I recommend applying a warm compress after the ice. Because that should bring the temperature back up to avoid encouraging more uric acid crystals to form. For me, I prefer to lose the ice and go straight for gentle warmth.

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      Rebecca Nahid

      Yes me too. Cannot have heat or ice but a nice warm room is great. Thing is nothing works for me like diclofenac!

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