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      Damien Eagling

      Good Afternoon everybody,

      I had my first gout attack 1 month ago. It was horrible, but thankfully the pain has subsided. I am going to the doctor to have my blood looked at, but because of Covi-19 this isn’t for a couple of weeks.

      What is worrying is that the swelling around my big toe is still there and it is making putting on shoes uncomfortable.

      Does anybody else have any experience of swelling lasting this long? and if so, can it be reduced?

      Thank you


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      Swelling sometimes lasts much longer.
      Be careful because some of the things people (including medical professionals) might advise are inappropriate for gout. You don’t want to disturb gouty joints.
      Patience works great but anti-inflammatories work faster. Other than that, anything that promotes blood flow is helpful. That includes more comfy shoes, chairs which do not put much pressure on the wrong places, lying down often, exercise which doesn’t involve gouty joints… and of course the old classics: hot/cold baths/showers/saunas and bathing the affected foot. That stuff doesn’t compare to drugs but the side effects are typically less dangerous. Do take the usual precautions to avoid slipping in the bathroom though ๐Ÿ™‚ .

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