No Animal Fat is Key

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      sam petrilli

      No Animal Fat and beer or shell fish and take the Allipuranol then once diet is under control cut 300 mg down to 0 over a 3 month period via having 100 mg tablets.

      After a month on Allipuranol you’ll notice no flare ups unless you have a combination for dinner such as Sausages and beer at a bbq. You’ll have to have one or the other not both. And if so very lean meat.

      I recommend a celery berries carrot banana blended whole juices daily for breakfast. Then have what you want though in small portions if possible especially Fried food and anything with animal fat as they are instant crystals in your joints causing inflammation.

      You need to have no no’s in small portions because you can’t break down all the crystals created via pancreas not working effectively.

      I’ve had gout 10 years ago, was put to a specialist who said it was over I had to have tablets for life. After 6 years I cut down the dosage though could of done it a lot sooner. I rarely have any problems nowadays though I don’t have Animal fat in my diet so maybe that’s why including a healthy start to each day.

      Colchicine has a lot of negative’s attached (you should read the information print out) and allipuranol isn’t that bad so get on the preventative till you think you have your diet under control.

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