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Octopus and gout info

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    I loved your info! Can’t wait to look around the site.

    I’m a raw fish lover. I’m in a gout attack now. Tops of feet and ankles cannot stand to use a bcs for 5 days. Tophi on both ankles is bad. But I need protein, eating eggs and fruit.

    Thx I hope this will be a good site for me

    [posted via GoutPal Helpdesk ticket #2817 from Gout Foods: Octopus and Gout. ]

    Reduction of purine content in commonly consumed meat products through rinsing and cooking, also states:

    Overall, this study showed that rinsing foods in water effectively reduces total purine content and subsequent cooking after rinsing results in an even greater reduction of total purine content.

    This raises all kinds of questions about the best way to prepare food for gout sufferers. I will investigate this further, and update my guidelines where appropriate.

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