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Persistent Pain following a Gout Flare Up

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      Ellis Carl Drewery

      I had been keeping gout at bay for the last three years with Tart Cherry Extract…465 mg. capsules, 25:1 concentration. Only required one cap/day.

      Then a month and a half ago, I got a case of bronchitis. Two weeks into the illness, gout attacked both feet. But, not in the usual way. Not just in the big toe metatarsal joint like it had before. But more pervasively across the tops of the feet and the ankles.

      Results were bilateral swelling and redness, generalized pain and pressure sensitivity. I needed crutches to navigate around the house for 2 weeks. Finally, the redness and swelling began to subside, and I was able to wear hiking boots and put a little more pressure on the feet. But still requiring a cane to support my walking.

      How long should I have to endure persistent soreness in the feet, decreased flexibility in the ankle joint, stretch discomfort in the toes, mild swelling of the feet when standing and a general impediment to normal walking gait? This has gone on way too long.

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      You haven’t said what you’ve tried so far to make this go away. I don’t want to tell you to do things you’ve already done but maybe you haven’t tried to do the obvious…
      And what has your doctor told you to do?

      More generally, have you measured how effective the cherry extract is? Or are you only counting on it to suppress inflammation?
      I have no way of telling if this really is gout but it’s plausible since untreated gout has a way of turning from brief metatarsal episodes into a mess unfortunately…

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