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      In last week’s popular pages review, we identified Gouty Tophi In Toe as a favorite page. It should be reviewed.

      This is a supporting illustration. But, it should still be useful in its own right. We’ve now established that all pages must:

      1. Identify the Gout Group they are aimed at.
      2. Provide a clear takehome message to that group.
      3. Suggest one or more options for what the reader should do next.

      Gouty Tophi In ToeGouty Tophi In Toe has none of these. Also, the photograph and quotation should be properly attributed. It might be that the old forum source has now been lost, as it is before we started archiving. If so, then that should be made clear.

      The first step is to identify who is expected to read Gouty Tophi In Toe. Then we can start a review discussion.

      If this page is important to you, please add your comments below. In particular, I’d like to know what additional information you need to help you understand gouty tophi in the toe.

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