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    Following Geroid’s comment on Heat Or Ice For Gout Relief, that page is flagged for review.

    Geroid asked:

    Can I put heat on wrist for gout?

    We must, as usual, ensure the page meets latest GoutPal standards. Especially, it should identify which gout group is most affected by the subject of heat vs ice for gout pain relief. If uric acid is ignored, the sufferer is clearly a gout victim. But, recognizing that low temperatures might increase uric acid crystallization, is a step towards gout freedom.

    Next step must be clear. There must be a choice of links for heat and for ice.

    Maybe the ice choice should link to general advice for gout victims. Then, the heat choice can link to different ways to apply heat to gouty joints safely. As Geroid asks specifically about his wrist, advice should be clear that heat treatment can apply to any gouty joint.

    Would you choose heat treatment or ice treatment for gouty joints? ❓
    What extra advice do you need about each different gout pain treatment? ❓

    To encourage review of this page, please add this topic as one of your Favorites. To give this topic higher priority, add your comments as a reply below.

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    Heat vs ice

    Self inflicted attack after boozy weekend…sighs … Anyway am experimenting drinking copious amounts of water and some coffee in hot bath. Definitely better than ice. Feel that kidneys are flushing through but getting out of bath not long before excruciating again…too sore to walk to doctor!

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    Keith Taylor
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    There is a way that ice can benefit gout pain. Without adding to uric acid crystals. Because it can be very effective if you follow ice treatment with a warm compress.

    Firstly, apply an ice pack to the affected area. Then, you should notice a reduction in gout pain and swelling. After that wrap the affected area in a warm towel, or apply a warm compress. But remember what a compress is! Because it is not a compression device, as I noted recently in an update to Heat Or Ice For Gout Relief.

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    d q
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    Maybe it’s just me but I can’t see any update to that page explaining the above? Maybe a mention of what centigrade uric acid crystals form at too? 🙂

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