Can Stopping Drinking Cause Gout?

Stopped drinking beer, good gout diet, but foot swollen

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      Stopped drinking beer, now eating and drinking all the right things swollen foot

      Hi all

      I’ve had gout on and off for many years, moved to a warmer climate and it kicked off again with my left foot being swollen and red on the side and very painful. My Wife laughs now because I like my beer daily. I have now stopped for 5 days, cut out red meat, fish, cheese and replaced diet with loads of water, chicken, rice, cherry juice, eggs, bananas etc. The things I read are good for me.

      Now my left foot is swollen again and going red just like it did when I was drinking beer and eating fish and red meats.

      I thought it was going to prove to me that it was my bad diet but this proves me it wasn’t.

      Any reason why it is attacking me again?

      thanks so much for reading


      Can Stopping Drinking Cause Gout?

      Will Stopping Beer Make Gout Better?

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      The reason it is attacking you is that you had untreated gout for many years. You’re probably going to be stuck with this problem for quite a while.

      Even if your gout could be managed by changing your diet, it would probably take months or years to improve and even longer to go away completely.
      The most practical way to manage gout starts with getting the amount of uric acid in your blood tested several times and doing some detective to get your hands on as many old test results as you can by asking your previous doctors and so forth.

      Be careful about what you’re reading. Most of what you can read about what’s “good” for you is BS.
      Switching from red meat to chicken isn’t going to help unless you have an iron problem or were eating the wrong meats. Likewise, fish isn’t necessarily worse than chicken (though some fish dishes definitely are).
      Unless you have a different health problem which would require you to avoid high-fat dairy, eating appropriate amounts of cheese is less problematic for gout than eating animal flesh. The general recommendation is to consume low-fat dairy instead but you would of course need to consume unusually large amounts in order to get enough protein.
      You could in principle also eat more eggs instead of animal flesh (again, depending on your other health problems).
      There is of course more to diet than eating from some kind of “good food” list and avoiding what’s on a “bad food” list. It’s easy to eat too much rice for instance.

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      Keith Taylor

      Hi Rob (@yahoouser)

      I echo everything nobody said. Also, I’d strongly recommend seeing your doctor as soon as you can get there to get uric acid tested. With lockdown, that might be delayed. But once you are able, it’s your best start.

      Once you do get the test results please let us know what your uric acid level is and what your doctor advises.

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      Thank you for your great input! I am unable to get a uric acid test kit here in the Philippines at the moment but will get one and my levels checked when I get back to the UK.

      I have to say that after reading comments and other pages 10 days ago I bought some apple cider vinegar. I have 3 caps with water 3 times a day and I have no pain or swelling and I have been eating fish etc without any problems.

      It seems to be helping enormously

      thanks again – Rob

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