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    So, I got the prescription for 300mg allopurinol.
    I will start taking when the juice fast ends,
    which is in 8 days.

    About the bursitis, the doctor said those things
    are very gradual to dissipate and I should give
    it another 6 weeks (it has been 3 weeks since it began).
    The specialists usually do not like to drain them unless they are red and
    painful, which mine is not. Also recommended
    daily icing for 10 minutes. So, hopefully it
    should be getting smaller in 6 weeks.

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    Keith Taylor
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    That sounds good, Johnson.

    There’s a couple of other things that might help:
    1) Follow the ice treatment with a warm (not hot) “dressing”. By which I mean a warm towel, or the type of bean/rice bag that you microwave for a few seconds to generate. Or, you could go “old school” like a friend of mine. He loves his traditional rubber hot water bottle on his swollen knee, as he watches TV.
    2) Keep the arm raised above your heart when relaxing.

    I had a couple of episodes of this elbow bursitis. Before allopurinol, I tried to keep my elbows (and all other joints) away from prolonged cold.

    I hope it gets better soon.

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