Uric acid blood test

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    Uric acid blood test

    Can I have gout if I had normal uric levels in the blood but had uric acid crystals in the knee fluid ?

    viji via GoutPal’s Gout Support Helpdesk.

    Posted from Heat Or Ice For Gout Relief?.

    We know from several studies that uric acid crystals develop much more readily at lower temperatures. Like many of my fellow gout sufferers, I have experienced the pain of a gout flare in extremities left uncovered in a cold bedroom. Is it really wise to subject a uric acid laden joint to lower temperatures knowing that this will encourage uric acid crystals to form?
    If you have gout, avoid applying ice, keep joints warm, and lower uric acid to 5mg/dL (0.30mmol/L) so you can stop worrying about gout pain.

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    Keith Taylor
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    Normal, when applied to blood tests means average. It is a statistic that includes gout sufferers as well as people without gout. Normal has no medical value. I’ve put the important numbers in the colored table in the right-hand sidebar.

    You can find a lot more relevant information if you search for normal uric acid levels. Use the search box near the top right of every page. Then, let me know what you think about the results you find.

    The big question remains, viji, What is your uric acid number?

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    GoutPal Seeker
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    In Australia the blood tests results are labelled “Urate”.

    Is this the same as uric acid?

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      I think Urate is a byproduct of Uric Acid. It isn’t the same thing. Urate is the salt that comes from Uric Acid and forms up in the joints.

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      d q
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      Hi Gavin,

      A good explanation is here:

      Why Not Talk About Urate?

      by Keith Taylor himself 🙂


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    Kurt Uric

    I have never had a gout attack or kidney stones. My doctor has had me on 300 mg of allopurinol per day apparently as a preventative measure. I have never changed my beer drinking habits which I enjoy on a regular basis. Three times a week 2 to 3 beers each time. My annual blood test results now average 5.0 mg/dl.

    Have not experienced any side effects from the allopurinol. However, I just don’t like taking any drugs and would like to eliminate it. I am planning to cut the dosage in half for starters 150mg of allopurinol. I’ve also heard that some people have great success by drinking tart cherry juice to bring their uric acid levels under control.

    Anyone out there with similar experience.

    Kurt Uric

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