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    Romijn Basters
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    Hi all,

    I came across the following link while weighing pros and cons:

    UA POC comparison

    Personally, I prefer to have Lab tests, but for those thinking about using a POC meter, this might help you decide in buying one.

    Kind Regards, Romijn

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    Keith Taylor
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    Thanks, Romijn.

    The results from that abstract state:

    Qualitatively, EasyTouch® GU and UASure were least user-friendly, requiring repeated attempts for accurate use. HumaSens and BeneCheck provided good usability and assay precision. Cross-validation of meter precision with laboratory-based uricase assay gave good correlations between both methods (R2 = 0.8061 and 0.7605, respectively).

    However, I believe the most important factor is the level of technical support available after you buy a meter. Therefore, it’s good to try and build rapport with the supplier prior to purchasing any uric acid test meter.

    For those who want to read the full report, I’m adding Uric Acid Meter Comparison to the gout PDF library in a moment. Also, this is figure 1 from the report (Paraskos, Jonathan, Zsofia Berke, Jason Cook, Jeffrey N. Miner, Martin Braddock, Adam Platt, and Glen Hughes. “An analytical comparison between point-of-care uric acid testing meters.” Expert review of molecular diagnostics 16, no. 3 (2016): 373-382.):
    Uric Acid Test Meter Specifications

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