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    Ahmed Abughrara

    thanks for fast reply

    when i was taking the 300ml allopurinol , uric acid levels were stable between 3.9 and 4.4 depending on my diet

    for allopurinol300 and adenuric 80 , if i stop taking the dosage for 1 week the uric acid will elevate back to 8 or 8.5 directly

    i’m only doing kidney function tests regularly along with electrolyte ( potassium, sodium ,chloride ) ( and they are ok ) because no doctor told me to do liver test ( which tests should i do? , in the last 3 months i did the cholestrol( normal ) and electrolyttes ( slightly above normal ( 200 of 150 ))

    i dont have high blood pressure or diabetes , my length is 186cm , wight 95 kg but i have large bones so my wight is acceptable

    in general how can i know the root cause of why my uric acid is high? is it a medicine i took that triggered maybe something in the liver or is it my kidney is failing or another reason ?

    and last question , can adenuric or allopurinol couse any kidney or liver failure in the long run ( lets say i will take the medicine for the rest of my life and now i’m 34 Yrs )?

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