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    And one question from your experience…..with the Indo…once the pain and inflammation is gone what is your advice as to when you can stop taking it for that attack? Or in my case the three tablets a day?

    Not sure if it’s like Pred and you need to keep the dose going for 4-5 days or with Indo you can stop right away when the pain and swelling subside.

    Again, thanks so much, @nobody…nice to have someone who understands the complexities to tap in to their experience.

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    Antwerpen Seven

    Great advice and this arms me with things to talk with my Doctor about more.

    His plan is a month more on the Indo while things settle down. Not a permanent thing and he felt it is far less dangerous than the Colcochine (given the statin interaction) or Prednisone (which comes with a laundry list of issues).

    If needed I could go off the statin for a period…this is another option if I am just not happy with the Indo. My cholesterol issue though is odd. Not really a product of diet…I eat very healthy and am quite fit for my age with numerous sports and a diligent exercise routine. Again, like the gout, it just seems to be there. The statin seems to be at my age a needed addition to an already decent lifestyle…not much more I can do.

    Let’s hope for an eventual shift with the Allupurinol as the cycle wears down. And yes, with a 26 year history of Gout and never taking meds for it I imagine I am dealing with a lot of history that needs to allow for time to kick in.

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    Antwerpen Seven

    @nobody. Thanks for this thorough advice. Really appreciate it.

    I talked to my Doc again today and the issue with the Colcochine is that it interacts poorly with a statin I am on for cholesterol. There have been, while rare, some reported cases of it causing rhabo and a few deaths.

    Also, the reason the Indomethacin was not working as well is that I was not taking three a day during an attack, just one or two. This time I went to three and while it takes longer to gain relief in comparison to Prednisone it did work and this morning I am pain free. While it makes me feel a bit “high” I will deal with it for now so as not to get carried away with Pred.

    Interestingly he also wants me to take one per day in between these Aluprurinol induced attacks as a preventative.

    Really looking forward to the moment Allupurinol starts working and this ramping up cycle ends.

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    Antwerpen Seven

    Mitigare for Gout prevention

    Hi all,

    I have reached the age at 54 where my gout attacks are increasing. I have been a gout sufferer since I was 30 but Prednisone quick 4 day doses were fine for the once or twice a year I to an attack. Now I am up to 6-8 times a year and my doc really wants me (as do I) on preventative meds.

    My question is this: Few ever talk about it but I have seen that .6mg daily of Mitigare (colcochine) is actually an effective and good place to start for prevention and may be more effective than Alluprinol with less side effects and with good heart benefits. My doctor is not aware of this and wants me on Alluprinol. But I have read some things that Mitigare may be a better solution. I have used it before for a flare up and had no side effects so it’s also something I should be able to tolerate.

    Does anyone have any experience with this as an alternative to the two more common preventatives?

    Mitigare is Cheaper than Colcrys

    Mitigare is a brand of Colchicine just like Colcry$ but cheaper

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