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    Hi there. This information its really helpful indeed. I will have to discuss with the doctor the idea of putting me back to allopurinol treatment once again and start getting tested my uric acid levels. Also I will be extremely cautious of what I am having in terms of eating(avoiding all this foods that could trigger my gout attacks).Lets hope for the best results and I will definitely keep you all updated of the improvement.Your time its really appreciated and I would like to Thank you once again 😊. Kind regards. Claudiu

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    Hithere.Thank you for taking your time to reply. Ive had a feeling and always was wondering if the actual medication I am on could be the trigger of the gout atacks. In the last few months during the lock down I had experienced a lot more often gout atacks(maybe due to the lack of exercise and higher level of financial distress). Also I have been intoduced to amlodipine and for the last month remipril and quited alchool.When I was taking allopurinol did mentioned to my doctor that the 300mg I am using might not be the corect dosage.Also I always thought that taking allopurinol is to prevent gout attacks never been told or had any slight idea that this is the job of anti-inflammatory drugs ,( I have taken and using Naproxen during gout attacks).I have been advised that I should be carefull taking Naproxen for an extended period of time as it could affect your liver,kidneys and so on ,and to stop Allopurinol during the attacks.So I am still confused on this bit (your paragraph that says:
    -allpurinol takes a very long time to work and does not stop a gout attack (that’s the job of anti-inflammatory drugs)…
    As I understood and been told by my doctor allopurinol its taken to prevent gout attacks and the anti-inflammatorory(Naproxen) during and after the atacks. Will you please be kind to explain how that exactly works.Thank you once again. Looking forward hearing from you. Kind regards. Claudiu

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