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GoutPal Members Rewards Features & Benefits

GoutPal Members explains how membership of GoutPal works. Also, it helps you get more from your free GoutPal Membership.

GoutPal Members Overview

At the present time, I am focused on completing the PDFs service for GoutPal members. So, if there are other issues about GoutPal membership that you need to know now, please let me know. You can make a suggestion for more membership help. Or, just ask in the gout forum.

GoutPal Members Ranks

As of 2020, I’ve suspended the rank system. But I might reintroduce it if there is renewed interest. So, I strongly recommend that you sign up for my update service.

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Subscription is free, and your email address is safe. Because I will never share it with anyone else. I use Gumroad to provide this service, as described at GoutPal Links Newsletter Service.

GoutPal Members Rank Badges

GoutPal Ranks show your commitment to managing gout.

GoutPal Members Rewards

As thanks for your commitment, I make extra resources available to GoutPal members. These rewards are not essential to your gout recovery. But, they are usually small time-savers that help you with extra information. Because they save your time from searching the Internet for things like gout studies, recipes, etc.

Please note that, as of June 2020, I have suspended rewards due to lack of interest. Therefore, these features are no longer available. But, if you are interested in getting rewards quicker, please leave feedback below.

GoutPal Carer.
Occasional GoutPal Member-only posts. These are usually sections within normal posts.
GoutPal Detective.
Summary of current suggestions. My review of all ideas for new and improved GoutPal information. Includes my thoughts on which ideas I’ll work on next.
GoutPal Historian.
  • Deleted gout information with commentary. Links to newer facts, or reasons why information is no longer relevant.
  • Open Access gout and uric acid PDFs.
GoutPal Researcher.
  • Research notes for gout topics that I’m currently working on.
  • Gout and uric acid PDFs available from publishers and related sources.
GoutPal Enthusiast.
  • Drafts of articles prior to publication.
  • Special gout and uric acid PDFs
GoutPal Scholar.
  • [Full articles, one month prior to publication. This is the way to read GoutPal without adverts.] Please note, this is a planned feature. So, if you have any interest in this (positive or negative) please add your comments below.

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