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Chanca Piedra for Gout or better uric acid plants?

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    I’d never heard of Chanca Piedra until a GoutPal Facebook visitor asked: “Curious if anyone has tried or researched uricel, chianca piedra, and or banaba leaves”.

    At that time, I knew that Uricel was most likely a con. Also, we have discussed banaba a few times. So I started looking into Chanca Piedra for Gout.

    At first, I could only see hints of uric acid lowering with Chanca Piedra. But recently I’ve learned that there are two similar plants in the Phyllanthus family that can both be used to make Chanca Piedra. We also know these plants as “Stonebreaker” since traditionally we use them to treat kidney stones. So that has made it easier to find evidence that this plant extract can lower uric acid in humans as well as lab rats.

    Interestingly, my research shows me a new world of phytopharmaceuticals (aka phytomedicine) for lowering uric acid. So now I can see several alternatives to Chanca Piedra for treating gout.

    My next step is to build on Natural Uric Acid Inhibitors: Can They Work with more GoutPal Herbalist Resources. So if you want me to move this up my priority list, please add your comments below.

    Chanca Piedra for Gout plant photo

    Have you tried Chanca Piedra for Gout?

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