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    Running On Gouty Feet is a resource for gout sufferers who want to understand how uric acid crystals damage joints. Especially in and around the feet. But, it predates my current format standards. So, it has no explicit learning objective. Or lesson summary.

    More significantly, we now have additional relevant information from Brad in Tendinitis mimicking Gout? Or tendinitis caused by gout. So now I must update the “Running With Gout” page to incorporate the new gout study [1]. Also, I should add other studies that explain the dangers of uric acid crystals in the feet and ankles. Please note that I cannot add my copy of this report to the PDF library. However, I can share it with you privately if you can write a reply below that convinces me you have a genuine need to read it.

    Do you have any facts about running with gout? Or can you suggest any other improvements? Then please reply below. Remember, this is to improve GoutPal facts in order to help other gout sufferers. So, if you want personal help with your own gout problems, you should ask in the gout help forum.

    Running With Gout References

    1. Ventura-Ríos, Lucio, Guadalupe Sánchez-Bringas, Carlos Pineda, Cristina Hernández-Díaz, Anthony Reginato, Magaly Alva, Marcelo Audisio et al. “Tendon involvement in patients with gout: an ultrasound study of prevalence.” Clinical rheumatology 35, no. 8 (2016): 2039-2044.

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