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      Hi Keith!
      I usually logged in through WP but a plugin of some sort had blacklisted by password on the ground that it is easy to guess (which is a bit of an understatement). I tried to reset the password but kept waiting for the email to go through to no avail. Finally I tried the form on the right of the forum and, oddly enough, that worked.
      That mishap led me to take a look around and I wonder how people are supposed to post here. Sorry if you explained that in the past but do you want people to only login using dismal things such as Facebook? Or is the forum’s content even integrated there so that most people don’t even see the old forum?
      I tried the contact on your profile but that website seems down by the way.

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      Keith Taylor

      Actually, the social login is a throwback to my early forum days. Personally, I like the easy access. But I have grown to hate the Facebook approach. So I started offering the “official” WordPress login as an alternative some time ago. Until today, I thought both of them worked well. Now, I’m not so sure.

      I will try and see what the problem is with the reset emails.

      Also, I’m aware of the broken links to my profile information. During lockdown I realised that I need to reorganise. But the domain expired before I found time to finish my changes. Thank you for reminding me that I need to stop thinking about improvements and actually start improving things!

      Any suggestions for improvement priorities from anyone are most welcome.

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      My cynical view about “improvement prorities” AKA wishlists is that they usually amount to a way to keep “thinking about improvements” AKA procrastinating. But maybe I only see it that way because I’m terrible at being productive.
      It’s a different deal when there’s a problem that actually prevents a service from delivering. That kind of work tends to get done. And my point was: how would someone who wanted to post here for the first time proceed?
      The page states: “Sorry. Registration is not allowed in this site.” So how do new people join, if not through a “social login”?

      There may not be a problem with the emails generally, only with the dead end I got into by trying to login as a wordpress user rather than by using the convienient form I was ignoring, perhaps because it wasn’t available some years ago. That dead end was Imunify360 by the way.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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