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    1. Doesn’t it take years of ignoring Uric acid, that Crystals accumulate and form tophus and eventual joint damage? How is my case explained?

    Uric acid can build up in joints without developing gout. Gout is an autoimmune condition where body starts attacking the uric acid deposits. Once someone develops the autoimmune condition any uric acid build up can trigger a gout attack.

    2. Is it Gout or the Joint damage to the great toe that is causing this lingering pain? If it is the damage itself, does it mean I will have to live with this my entire life?

    I am not sure, it could be either or both.

    3. Don’t all the people with Gout have damage happening in their joints? Then why is that I have this lingering pain for months as opposed to occasional come and go pain.

    Maybe, some people have more damage than others. You may still have some uric acid in your joints.

    4. I am afraid about the elevated liver enzymes. Is it time to look for alternatives to Allopurinol due to its side effects?

    I thin allopurinol has less side effects than some other gout medication.

    5. Can I stop the medication completely and manage with diet and exercise.
    In most cases gout *can* be managed by diet. It may be easier to take the medication which may allow you to eat a more relaxed diet.

    6. I have starting working out slowly. Will it make my condition even worse?

    I would be cautious if the joint is causing pain when you exercise.

    7. Scared of damaging the joint, am not walking normally but leaning the weight on one side of the foot. IS that OK?

    I’m not sure if this is a good idea.

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    Chase Maclennan

    I have read online that hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism can partly cause gout. Both can influence blood sugar levels. Gout is associated in dis-regulated blood sugar levels and diabetes.

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    Chase Maclennan

    To add to the post.
    I am explaining why I wouldn’t recommend that people with gout take acv, baking soda, or lemmon juice regularly. Kidney stones can form if the urine is either high or low in PH for a long time. There is one (or maybe more) study that found that an veterinarian diet is good for gout and helped with the removal of uric acid. I haven’t found any studies though for acv, baking soda or lemmon juice and gout. I am guessing that these are effective though for acute gout flares. A lot of people seem to think that they are in any case.

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