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These gout product reviews and requests cover all aspects of gouty arthritis. See GoutPal’s Gout Guidance for more.

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Introducing GoutPal’s My Gout

In Introducing My Gout I describe your optional personal space within GoutPal. Because organizing your personal gout facts is the fastest way to control gout. Also keeping notes about your questions, experiences, and opinions helps you understand gout better.

All in all, it’s your best chance to become a Gout Champion.

GoutPal’s My Gout Suspended

I have suspended this service due to low levels of interest. However, if you feel a strong need for structured help with your gout, ask in the gout help forum. In the meantime, I am developing training courses for different aspects of gout management.

Introducing My Gout Audience

Introducing My Gout is suitable for all gout sufferers, and their carers. Because you can use it to help you and your Gout Mentor with all aspects of your gout. Remember, you need a Gout Mentor to get the best gout care. Also, if you choose GoutPal as your mentor, you must start your own My Gout service. So, please apply now on the form below.

However, GoutPal’s My Gout service will also help if you mentor yourself. Or if you choose a friend or healthcare professional to mentor you. Because easy access to personal gout facts helps you make the right decisions about treatment. Then, review of progress means your gout recovery is quicker. Finally, tracking outstanding issues means vital aspects of your gout treatment never get overlooked.

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Visceral Gout in Colon

Improving Visceral Gout Information for Gout Victims

Improving Visceral Gout Information for Gout Victims is currently at the draft stage. Therefore, most of the information is only available to GoutPal Enthusiasts, or higher rank. So to learn more, see GoutPal Members Ranks and Rewards.

Improving Visceral Gout Information Audience

As the title suggests, I wrote this page for GoutPal Victims. Because Gout Victims are not committed to managing uric acid. So, visceral gout information will emphasize the dangers of untreated excess uric acid. If you are not sure which type of gout sufferer you are, see Questions for Gout Sufferers.

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Improving Uric Acid Therapy Information for Gout Sufferers

Improving Uric Acid Therapy Information for Gout Sufferers is a wide-scope review of GoutPal’s uric acid therapy advice. Specifically, this debate will guide the introduction of a better structure for explaining uric acid lowering choices on Then, I will develop improvement pages for each affected gout sufferer type.

Improving Uric Acid Therapy Information for Gout Sufferers Audience

Improving Uric Acid Therapy Information for Gout Sufferers is aimed at GoutPal members who want to improve GoutPal facts for gout sufferers. It is not for helping individuals with their own gout management. So, if you have personal questions, please ask in the gout forum. However, if you have relevant experiences and opinions that can help fellow gout sufferers, please leave your comments at the end of this debate.

As this GoutPal work-in-progress is in draft form, parts of it are only available to GoutPal Enthusiasts. To become a GoutPal Enthusiast, you must make and contribute to more gout forum topics.

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Best Gout Discussions

Mild gout attack? What are mild gout symptoms? June 1, 2020Mild gout attack? What are mild gout symptoms?Hello all, about a year and a half ago I had my first gout attack and since then I have had a further two attacks. All three were within 6 months of one another, in my ankles, and were excruciatingly painful. I haven’t had an attack in 12 months. Yesterday I noticed a dull ache in ... continue reading ...

Can drinking club soda help my gout? June 1, 2020Can drinking club soda help my gout?“Gout and club soda raises interesting questions. Can fizzy water help gout? Yes, with a couple of warnings. See the truth before wasting money on gout cures.” Thousands of gout sufferers have asked about club soda and gout. So, I’ve summarized some key points from old discussions: Subject Facts Discussion Summary Soda Water and Gout Best Home Remedies For Gout: Water Gout ... continue reading ...

Review Is Allopurinol A Lifetime Drug May 23, 2020Review Is Allopurinol A Lifetime DrugAs I attempted to answer a question about allopurinol vacations today, I referred to Is Allopurinol A Lifetime Drug. I believe this is an important principle for Gout Seekers. Because many gout sufferers veer away from uric acid therapy. I’ve had this myself. In the prime of your life, you see the specter of lifelong medication. ... continue reading ...

Smoked Salmon and Gout May 23, 2020Smoked Salmon and GoutHey guys, I was thinking to eat like 150 g/smoked salmon / week divided in two portions, what do you think, will this affect too much. Also I am thinking of having like 700 ml of red wine once per week or at two weeks. . Am I crazy:))? Will this affect my uric acid levels ... continue reading ...

Strawberries, Gout, and Histamines May 23, 2020Strawberries, Gout, and HistaminesI was an ambitious/sensitive/hardworking/anxiety prone/perfection seeking individual. All of these lead to chronic health issues, high blood pressure and diabetes by 30 (10 years back). on medications for a few years. Also, I ended up having cholesterol and thyroid problems. so decided to go for naturopathy instead of standard medicines. I first had my gout attack ... continue reading ...

Gout with normal uric acid levels? May 23, 2020Gout with normal uric acid levels?I’m new to this forum. I was diagnosed with gout in 2014 by a podiatrist after getting an x-ray during what appeared to be an acute gout attack. The pain in my big toe was so intense I was unable to walk without crutches for a couple of weeks even on painkillers. ... continue reading ...

Why I had a Gout Attack after the previous one ? May 20, 2020Why I had a Gout Attack after the previous one ?Hi everybody ! I would like to ask this question. I had a painful gout attack 2 weeks ago and yesterday I was almost cured again. I began to drink water, a lot. I began to take C Vitamin, Magnesium, a lot of vegetables, sodium bicarbonate, etc… I believed an alkaline protocol would cure my pain ... continue reading ...

Are Gall Bladder Removal and Gout Related? May 18, 2020Are Gall Bladder Removal and Gout Related?Gall Bladder Removal and Gout I had my gall bladder removed a few years ago and since then I have noticed the gout creeping in. Is there any significance with that? Because of the digestion changing (no gall bladder). That message from a lapsed GoutPal member started a long discussion about gout and gallbladder. Keith concluded: Is there a ... continue reading ...

Hemp protein powder for Gouty Vegan May 18, 2020Hemp protein powder for Gouty VeganWanting to buy a hemp protein powder flavoured with chocolate. Because it would be really handy for me on days when I’m on the go and just want to incorporate some different sources of protein in my diet. Can anyone see the problem this could cause in bringing on a gout attack? I’ve researched hemp ... continue reading ...

Alcohol abstinence and Gout Flares May 17, 2020Alcohol abstinence and Gout FlaresI have been a heavier drinker than I should be for years which is how I originally discovered my gout. I recently took a break from drinking(I have abstained for 20 days). A few weeks prior to that I increased my Allopurinol from 50 mg to 100 mg per doctors suggestion. Since I quit ... continue reading ...

Allopurinol makes me drowsy. Should I take it at night? May 17, 2020Allopurinol makes me drowsy. Should I take it at night?Hi; I’ve been reading on my script that Allopurinol can cause drowsiness. Is this true? I’m always tired so maybe I can take it at night? Is it OK to take at night? Thanks !!~ Eb continue reading ...

Lingering pain & weakness 6 weeks after gout flare May 17, 2020Lingering pain & weakness 6 weeks after gout flareThe purpose of this topic is to help you get the right information about lingering gout pain from your doctor. Because it covers several related matters that help you learn what questions to ask your doctor about gout pain duration. Then you can understand why your gout is lasting so long. So I urge you ... continue reading ...

Lasix (furosemide) as a cause of Secondary Gout May 15, 2020Lasix (furosemide) as a cause of Secondary GoutIn Diuretics Cause Gout, I explain how many diuretics, prescribed for various health problems, can cause gout. Also, because gout usually stops when we change to gout-friendly diuretics, we call this secondary gout. Among the list of diuretics in that explanation is a loop-diuretic: furosemide. Which is normally sold under the Lasix brand. As Lasix is ... continue reading ...

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Review Tea and Gout

Review Tea and Gout is mainly for Gout Herbalists who want to include tea in their gout treatment plans. Also, it might interest Gout Seekers, and Gout Dieters. So, if you are not sure which type of gout sufferer you are, please read Questions for Gout Sufferers.

This is a review of GoutPal information about tea and gout. Specifically, it seeks to improve information on GoutPal to help gout sufferers in general. So, if you have a personal question about tea in your own gout diet, please ask in the gout forum.

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Improving Help For GoutPal Dieters

Improving Help For GoutPal Dieters is a discussion to improve the help pages for Gout Dieters. It is part of a series of discussions about different types of gout sufferer.

When you have a healthy lifestyle, there are specific improvements that can help gout sufferers. I can help you maximize lifestyle changes that match your preferences and favorite foods.

As a GoutPal Dieter, you will soon be enjoying life to the full. You should be in no doubt that your gout is fully under control. If you need reassurance, GoutPal is always here to help.

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Improving Help For Gout Foodies

Improving Help For Gout Foodies is a discussion to improve the help pages for Gout Foodies. It is part of a series of discussions about different types of Gout Sufferer.

Gout Foodies are one of the GoutPal Gout Sufferer Types identified in Questions for Gout Sufferers.

Lifestyle improvements can only work when they have a firm foundation. Most of that foundation is a healthy eating plan.

Also, I’ve identified gout sufferers who become Life Champions. That is where your gout is cured, or controlled so that you can focus on enjoying life. Everyone should want to be a Life Champion. But, Gout Foodies can never enjoy life completely, until they start healthy eating.

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Better Gout Learning

Better Gout Learning is aimed at anyone interested in structured personal gout learning. Learning will help you control your gout better. This discussion will improve my documentation of the gout learning process.

Structured personal gout learning means you want a step-by-step plan to learn more about controlling your gout. If you only have a general question about gout, you might not need a personal plan. In that case, you can ask your question in the General Gout Discussion.

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Improving Questions for Gout Sufferers

Improving Questions for Gout Sufferers is a discussion about clarifying Questions for Gout Sufferers.

This discussion is for all Gout Sufferers, and people who are interested in gout. It is about improving my information on If you want personal help deciding which type of gout sufferer you are, please ask in the gout forum.

GoutPal Gout Sufferer Types allow you to find relevant information quickly. Once you know which type you are, it’s easier to ignore irrelevant gout information. It’s easier to focus on the next best step for gout sufferers like you.

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Improving Gout & Iron Guidelines

Improving Gout & Iron Guidelines is aimed at anyone who has any interest in the effects of iron on uric acid and gout.

The purpose of this article is to improve GoutPal’s gout & iron guidelines.

Current guidelines about iron on are:

  • Alternative Treatment For Gout – Blood Letting. The report on which this is based,
    and a book (Facchini FS. The Iron Factor of Aging. Why do Americans age faster?), are reviewed it “Back to Bloodletting? Article in Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 52(9) · September 2004 DOI: 10.1111/j.1532-5415.2004.52425.x”. There is dietary advice for reducing available iron. But, it needs reviewing carefully with respect to gout. My article should probably be republished as “Can I donate blood with high uric acid” or similar.
  • Gout and Iron Revisited. Note, this is based on “Mascitelli L, Pezzetta F, Goldstein MR. Comment on: Gout: an independent risk factor for all-cause and cardiovascular mortality. Rheumatology (Oxford). 2010 Jul;49(7):1421-2; author reply 1422. doi: 10.1093/rheumatology/keq118. Epub 2010 Apr 27″‘ which should be cited correctly.
  • Iron, Xanthine Oxidase, & Uric Acid

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